the ocean walker


The Oceanwalker was started in 2013 by an Aussie and a Swede and are based in Stockholm Sweden.

The Oceanwalker is a company passionate about Stand Up Paddling. We are committed to create a strong SUP Community. We have focus on professional events, training, trips, clinics, apparel and growing the sport and sharing the stoke in general. We work with companies, different groups, sportclubs etc. Your experience and what you can achieve as an individual or a group is important for us.


Another important thing is our oceans, lakes, rivers and clean water. It is more plastic in our oceans than ever, so we do what we think is a right thing to do and that is "Paddle for clean water". We believe that everybody can help to pick up some trash from the water, the beach, lakes, rivers etc., even If it is just a little bit of plastic. We have to start somewhere, so lets start to change peoples attitude about plastic and trash in the water (or the streets) in general. So lets do as we do and "Paddle for Clean Water". Help to pick up some trash when you´re out there. You are more than welcome to tag us on fb or instagram when you are helping our oceans to get rid of plastics or trash.

Lets do It together!

"People will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel."


yoey rittmaister


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